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What is Acne?

Acne is a very common disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The glands become clogged, leading to pimples and cysts. It most often begins in puberty. During puberty, the male sex hormones (androgens) increase in both boys and girls, causing the sebaceous glands to become more active – resulting in increased production of oil (sebum).

What causes Acne?

Rising hormone levels during puberty may cause Acne. In addition, acne is often inherited. Other causes of Acne may include the following:

  • Hormone Level Changes During The Menstrual Cycle In Women
  • Certain Drugs
  • Oil And Grease From The Scalp, Mineral Or Cooking Oil And Certain Cosmetics
  • Bacteria Inside Pimples
Treatment of Acne:

The goal of Acne treatment is to minimize scarring and improve appearance. Treatment for acne will include topical or systemic drug therapy. Depending upon the severity of acne, topical medications (applied to the skin) or systemic medications (taken orally) may be prescribed by your physician. In some cases, a combination of both topical and systemic medications may be recommended.

Chemical peeling and laser treatment is combined with medication to faster the result.