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Calluses and Corns

What are calluses and corns?

Calluses are protective pads made up of the thickened upper layer of skin due to repeated rubbing of the area. Corns are small calluses that develop on the top of the toes due to pressure or rubbing against shoes or other toes.

What causes Calluses and Corns?

Calluses and Corns develop on your feet due to improper walking motion. However, the worst offenders are ill-fitting footwear, especially high-heeled shoes. They tend to exert a lot of pressure on your feet resulting in foot problems. Foot deformities and wearing footwear without socks also increase your risk of developing Calluses and Corns.

What are the symptoms of Calluses and Corns?

You may have Calluses and Corns if you see visible symptoms like:

  • A thick, hard patch of skin
  • Bump on the skin
  • Area of flaky, dry skin
  • Pain in the affected area