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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

What is Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctiva is a thin clear membrane that lines the inside of the eyelid and covers the white part of your eyeball. When your conjunctiva becomes inflamed or gets infected, it is known as Conjunctivitis or Pink eye.

What causes Conjunctivitis?

The causes of Conjunctivitis are:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Allergies
  • A chemical splash in the eye
  • Foreign object
What are the symptoms of Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis may affect either one or both eyes and show symptoms, such as:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • A gritty feeling Increased amount of tears
  • Burning & blurred eyes
  • A sticky discharge from the eye at night that forms a crust and prevents your eye from opening in the morning
How can Conjunctivitis be treated?

The treatment for Conjunctivitis depends on the underlying cause of the condition:

  • For Bacterial Conjunctivitis: Pink eye caused due to bacterial infection is treated with antibiotic eye drops, ointment or pills.
  • For Viral Conjunctivitis: As such there is no treatment for Viral Conjunctivitis. First one eye will get infected and then second one. You will start feeling better once virus runs its course over 1-2 weeks.
  • For Allergic Conjunctivitis: Eye drops will be prescribed that help control allergic reactions or inflammation.
  • It should be understood that Conjunctivitis is infectious.