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High Risk Pregnancy

What is High Risk Pregnancy?

A High Risk Pregnancy is a pregnancy in which potential complications occur that could affect the mother or baby, or both. It is important that a High Risk Pregnancy is managed by a team of doctors at tertiary care center so that best results could be achieved.

What are the risk factors for High Risk Pregnancy?

There are certain risk factors that make a pregnancy high risk, namely:

  • Age factor – Women under 17 years or more than 35 years are at greater risk of complications during pregnancy
  • Medical conditions that exist before pregnancy – Hypertension, kidney/lung/heart problems, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, STDs, chronic infections, thyroid and obesity
  • Lifestyle Factors – Alcohol abuse and smoking
  • Conditions developed during pregnancy – Preeclampsia, eclampsia andgestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy Complications – Multiple pregnancy, problem with uterus/cervix/placenta, too much or less amniotic fluid, Rh sensitization, preterm labor, restricted foetal growth, 3 or more miscarriages
What are the symptoms of High Risk Pregnancy that call for emergency?

If you notice any of the below mentioned symptoms, you must immediately visit your doctor:

  • Lost consciousness / giddiness
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Pain in belly/pelvis
  • Fluid leaking from your vagina
  • Fever
  • Regular contractions for more than one hour
  • Low back pain or pelvic pressure that doesn’t go away
  • Less movements or no movements of baby
How can High Risk Pregnancy be treated?

The treatment for High Risk Pregnancy requires treating the underlying cause first. Mother and baby will need special monitoring or care throughput your pregnancy. Mother may be called for more appointments with doctor than a person with normal pregnancy or may have to get more ultrasounds done to check the condition of the baby. The specialist will work with other doctors and healthcare professionals to ensure that mother has a safe and healthy pregnancy as well as delivery.