Dr. Abha Aggarwal

BRIEF PROFILE Dr Abha Agarwal is a conscientious, enthusiastic, confident and vastly experienced senior anesthesiologists & intensivist of Jaipur Golden Hospital. Her prowess as anaesthesiologist is exemplary in Pediatric Surgeries, Geriatric Surgeries, Plastic Surgeries , Neuro-Surgeries, Renal Transplant and all Routine Surgeries General Surgeries, Day Care Cases. She has been actively involved in teaching of […]

Dr. Abhijit Khaund

BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Abhijit Khaund is a Senior Consultant in department of Anaesthesia and Critical care. He has a rich experience of over 15 years and his expertise lies in : Regional Anaesthesia, Labour Analgesia, Airway Management (Fibreoptic Bronchoscope Guided), Percutaneous Tracheostomy, USG Guided Invasive Procedures Etc He has active involvement in DNB teaching programme […]

Dr. Monika Gupta

BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Monika Gupta is working as a senior consultant in Jaipur Golden Hospital having 15 years of vast experience. She is responsible & equipped anesthesiologist with impressive working history & extensive accomplishments , her objectives is to promote not only safe but healthy & restful surgical operation by carefully deciding which anesthesia to […]

Dr. Panna Jain

  BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Panna Jain, senior consultant in department of anaesthesia and critical care at Jaipur Golden Hospital. A constant austere eye for delicate clinical details about the patient, his/her peri-operative management issues like pain, recovery etc. along with an experience of over 38years has resulted in a clinical acumen which has consistently proved […]

Dr. Radha Gupta

  BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Radha Gupta is senior Consultant in department of anesthesia in Jaipur Golden Hospital for last 16 years. She possess an extensive experience , of more than 20years , in various specialities of anaesthesia & intensive care , in various reputed hospitals of delhi. She has an special expertise as an anaesthetist […]

Dr. Sukriti Prakash

BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Sukriti Prakash is working as Senior Consultant in the department of Anaesthesiology in JAipur Golden Hospital.Prior to that she did internship at Civil Hospital, Ludhiana. She was associated with Rahiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Sir Gangaram Hospital. She is specialized in Critical Care and active member of DNB program at Jaipur Golden […]