Dr. Vivek Bhatia

  BRIEF PROFILE Dr.Vivek Bhatia is senior Gastroenterologist in Deptt. of Gastroenterology. He has 30 years long experience in the field of Digestive Diseases, Liver Diseases & is adept in Diagnostic and Therapeutic endoscopic procedures. He is Gold Medalist and best graduate during his M.B.B.S. at Amritsar Medical College. After completing his M.D. (Internal Medicine) […]

Dr. Ramesh Garg

  BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Ramesh Garg is a renowned Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist / Therapeutic and Endoscopist with more than 20 years experience of his specialty in various institutes. He has a special interest in the Hepatobiliary Sciences and well acquainted in all advanced therapeutic procedures e.g. therapeutic ERCP. He did his graduation & post graduation from […]

Gastroenterology and GI Surgery

“Work Together for an improved, healthier & better community.” Liver and digestive disorders are a source of irritation and discomfort that can have a huge impact on your daily life and even limit your work routines. Ignoring these diseases, in the beginning, can prove to be extremely crippling and even fatal.   The Department of […]