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Psychotherapy & Counselling

“Don’t give up on your mental illness…follow its path to recovery with us”

Not everyone in this society has the confidence and strength to deal with their life’s stresses, conflicts and medical conditions. People fall prey to numerous disorders that greatly affect their moods, feelings, thoughts and actions. The Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Jaipur Golden Hospital delivers holistic healing therapies that harmonise your state of mind & overall health while maintaining a complete balance of your mind, body and soul. Our highly trained Psychotherapists with a broad scope of experience specialise in diagnosing and treating various mental health problems like anxiety disorders, mood swings, addictions, eating disorders, personality disorders and schizophrenia. We provide counselling sessions that help you take control of your life and deal with the challenging situations in a healthy way.

Our treatment approaches help the patients in attaining deepest level of healing without medications and enable them to improve their overall functioning and quality of life. Our professional therapists provide comprehensive assessment & treatment of the patient in a caring and encouraging environment. We focus on strengthening your skills and behaviour to improve your overall well-being, cope effectively with stressors and enhance emotional resilience.


  • Recommended for people grappling with a life, relationship or work issue
  • For specific mental health concerns
  • Issues causing great deal of pain or stress
  • To overcome Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • To deal with Parent- Child issues – Behaviour, Aggression etc
  • Pre marital Counselling and Marital discords
  • To improve Focus, Concentration and Memory
  • To deal with Self Image Issues – Shame, Guilt, Lack of Confidence, Doubt etc
  • To deal with Ego problems, Inferiority complex, Insecurity
  • To overcome Anger, Fear, Phobia, Hatred, Jealousy
  • To overcome Self Pity – ‘WHY ME’ thought pattern
  • To overcome Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness
  • To overcome Fault finding, Cribbing and Constant complaining
  • To overcome thoughts/patterns leading to Suicidal tendencies
  • To get sound, peaceful and rested sleep
  • To overcome sadness
  • To enjoy and do tasks/work at home/office/work place with enthusiasm
  • To reduce Aches and Pains of unknown origin
  • To get rid of Addictions
  • Patients with Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Respiratory disorders, Cancer, Kidney problems, Skin allergies, Digestive disorders – 1 out of every 3 patients suffers from depression that unfortunately goes undiagnosed and untreated…..
  • Counselling is a must for Pregnant ladies to stay happy and cheerful
  • Post delivery – to overcome depression
  • Pre and Post surgery – For patients undergoing surgery and for attendants taking care of them


  1. Individuals learn to deal better with their problems
  2. They develop skills and tools like :

    • Different ways of thinking
    • More Effective Coping mechanisms
    • Improved Problem Solving

  3. Professional help is neutral, nobody’s side is taken:
  4. During the session, the professional listens to what the individual says without judgement, no matter how embarrassing, shameful or frightening their thoughts or feelings are for themselves. People reveal scary and very personal information, and bring to light their fears of how others might respond or react to them on knowing their reality. The role of the professional is to remain neutral, to help individuals cope better with the troubling situation and to work and find a good solution for their concerns.

  5. All secrets of the individual are safe
  6. Whatever is told to the Psychotherapist/Counsellor is confidential and private. Confidentiality is sacred

  7. Value of psychotherapy is multiple and it stays long term
  8. Research shows that the benefits of psychotherapy extend to the physical health of the individual, often resulting in better physical health and lowering of overall health costs over time

  9. Psychotherapy/Counselling Works
  10. Multiple studies show that for many conditions and concerns, psychotherapy/counselling works and it works well. People with mild to moderate depression and anxiety begin to feel better after just a few sessions.

Chronic stress gets in the way of good sleep/healthy eating, quality relationship and physical well being…. get it treated