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CSF Rhinorrhoea

What is CSF rhinorrhoea?

CSF (Cerebral spinal fluid)rhinorrhoea is a condition in which the fluid that is protecting the brain leaks through a hole through skull bone. The leakage can occur from nose depending on where the skull bone is damaged.

What causes CSF rhinorrhoea?

Cerebral spinal fluid leaks when there is a tear or hole present in the membrane that surrounds the brain. There are many reasons for this, namely:

  • Head Injury
  • When There Is No Cause Found For The Leakage Of Fluid, It Is Known As Spontaneous CSF Leak.
What are the symptoms of CSF rhinorrhoea?

The symptoms of CSF rhinorrhoea include:

Clear Watery Drainage Usually From Nose.
The Drainage Increases When You Tilt Your Head Forward Or Strain.
Headache Changes In Vision

How can CSF rhinorrhoea be treated?

The treatment for CSF rhinorrhoea depends on the underlying cause. Majority of the cases of spontaneous rhinorrhoea cure by themselves. One needs to take proper bed rest for around 2 weeks along with dietary precautions. Pain relievers may be prescribed to get relief from headache. In rare case, surgery is needed to repair a tear in the dura and stop the headache.