• Awards & Certifications assuring the highest level of medical and service quality.

Infection Control Measures

  • Wash hands/ use hand rub solution before and after touching the patient
  • Please do not sit on the patient’s bed or touch the surgical sites, dressings or any tubings attached with patient (IV cannula, urinary catheter, Ryles tube etc.)
  • Do not enter the patient’s room if you are suffering from cough, fever, skin disease, conjunctivitis
  • Visit is limited to one person for each patient at one time
  • Keep to the allocated visiting times
  • Do not bring flowers/ fruits/ food for the patients as these may carry infection
  • All blood, body fluids and tissue as potentially infectious
  • Do not litter. Use black bag for disposal of general waste
  • Strictly adhere to visitor’s policy to provide safer environment to your patient

Preventive Health Checkup

We at Jaipur Golden Hospital believe "Prevention is better than Cure". Moving ahead with this noble theme we have designed a health check program to identify risk factors & early indicators so as to prevent & cure disease before it sets in. The idea is to prevent an illness form occurring & setting you on path of health and wellbeing.