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IVF Treatment

A Ray of Hope in the darkness of Infertility: IVF Treatment

“Baby is the most beautiful blessing and parenthood is one of the major transitions in life.”

Motherhood is a priceless feeling which is gifted to every woman and a baby makes a family complete. If you are trying to have a baby and not succeeding due to some biological reasons, IVF treatment is the boon to Medical Science.

For experiencing the journey of parenthood, Jaipur Golden Hospital Delhi has taken an initiative to provide world-class infertility solutions compatible enough to need of an individual with complete transparency, loyalty, and faithfulness.


What is IVF treatment?


IVF (in vitro fertility) treatment involves the process of fertilization which takes place outside the woman’s body. Eggs from a woman’s body are removed via surgery and carefully fertilized in a laboratory using a given sperm sample. This fertilized egg, called an embryo, is surgically implanted into the woman’s womb.

Our hospital is committed to providing the best in the class spectrum of infertility treatments with advanced technology and state of the art equipment with the latest surgical methodology.


When should you go for IVF treatment?


  •  When your age is 35 years or above
  •  If you are below 35 and having unprotected intercourse for one year but not conceived
  •  Irregular menstrual cycle or absence of it
  •  Recurrent abortion
  •  Premature ovarian failure
  •  Cancer patients in the reproductive age group
  •  Your fallopian tubes are blocked


Before IVF procedure


Our hospital provides throughout diagnosis of patients so that they can serve the best fertility treatment option according to their biological need.

The following tests are suggested by doctors:

For Women

  • Complete Hemogram, Blood Sugar, Urea, SGPT
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV

For Men

  • Semen test within 6 months
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • Precautions
  • Avoid intercourse-this helps in preventing vaginal infections




Carry lightweight: It is suggested not to carry heavyweight because that may strain lower abdominal.

Resist Bath: IVF doctors may suggest no bath after taking IVF treatment for at least two weeks because it may cause infection.

Avoid Exercise: After taking the IVF procedure, women should avoid critical exercises and physical strain, rather should go for a walk.

Progesterone: It&’s advisable to have a proper amount of progesterone to maintain and survival of pregnancy.


Why choose Golden Jaipur Hospital Delhi?


The hospital stands one of the best in the territory to deliver out of ordinary medication with ultra-modern techniques. The hospital avails comprehensive treatments and specialized services by best IVF doctors in the fertility arena. A complete treatment plan is designed by our surgeons to ensure the world-class quality health care services to the society.

* Note: For further information, Contact at 011-27907000, Extension no. 229.