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Ear Furuncle

What is an Ear Furuncle?

An Ear Furuncle is a boil that develops in the ear canal. It may be the result of infection deep in the skin resulting in pus formation in the boil.


What are the causes of Ear Furuncle?

The exact cause of Ear Furuncle is not known. However, at times when you poke your ear with certain objects (cotton buds), it may damage the skin and cause infections leading to Ear Furuncle. Other causes may include:

  • Ingrown hair
  • Foreign object gets lodged in the skin
  • Sweat glands inside ear become infected
What are the symptoms of Ear Furuncle?

The most common symptoms of Ear Furuncle are:


  • Mild or severe pain in ear depending on the location of the boil
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Pus-filled lumps
  • The center of lump becomes white or yellow-colored
  • Temporary hearing loss (in case of infection)

In case, the Ear Furuncle bursts, you may have sudden discharge from the ear causing the pain and other symptoms to ease out dramatically.

How can Ear Furuncle be treated?

Usually, Ear Furuncles go away themselves without any treatment. In case they don’t disappear, then you may require:


  • Pain relievers (if pain persists)
  • Manual draining of the furuncle
  • Oral antibiotics