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Foreign Body in Nose

What do you mean by Foreign Body in Nose?

Children are naturally very inquisitive and they want to know how things around them work. In this curiosity, at times they tend to put foreign objects in their nose. Often harmless, this situation can sometimes create a great problem for the kids as it can lead to choking hazard and has a great risk of infections as well as injury.

Foreign Body in Nose means that something that is not naturally supposed to be there in the nose is present there. This condition usually arises in children below 5 years of age. However, it may also occur in adults who are mentally retarded or psychiatric illness. Some common objects that children can put in their nose include small toys, buttons, food, pebbles, beads, marbles, clay, pieces of eraser, button battery etc. 

What are the symptoms of Foreign Body in Nose?

The various signs and symptoms that one may experience while Foreign Body is in Nose are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nasal drainage
  • Irritation or discomfort in nose
  • Pain in nose 
  • How can Foreign Body in Nose be treated?

    The only treatment for Foreign Body in Nose is to remove the object from the nose. Initially, it can be done at home by simply blowing the nose gently or using a tweezer for large objects. Don’t try using cotton swabs as that can push the object inside.

    In case, you feel that the object is not visible or you fail to remove then seek medical help. Your doctor has the required instruments using which foreign object can be removed or sucked out. You may also be given antibiotics or nasal drops to avoid infection.