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Laboratory Services


Lab services in Jaipur golden Hospital, holds a special place in today’s diagnostics era, where everything in hospitals from diagnosis of diseases to its clinical management rests on lab services. Lab here in Jaipur Golden Hospital is run by well qualified doctors and medical laboratory technologists working in its various sections to provide quality services.

Laboratory is working round the clock and to provide services to indoor as well as out-door patients. Caters to the indoor patients as well as outdoor patients through OPD collection centre.

Type of Laboratory services

Laboratory is equipped with state of art equipments and further divided into various sections:

  • Haematology & Clinical Pathology
  • Micro-Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Histopathology & Cytopathology
  • Bio-Chemistry and a dedicated separate area for sample collection.

Lab has well defined TAT (turn around time) for all the tests and most of the reports are available on same day.

The Department of Haematology and Clinical Pathology works round the clock.Department has its own SOPs and protocols and has accreditation for the laboratory services from the National Accreditation Board for Testing Laboratories (NABL).

Haematology division is fully equipped with latest instruments. There are two fully automated five parts cell counters from Beckmen coulter and Horiba, Other instruments like Coagulometer, ESR Analyser and Urinometer to process urine samples are also available.

Equipments (Beckman Coulter LH 500 & HORIBA ABX PENTRA DF 120, Accustar ESR10, Accustar ACT-2 Coagulometer) Complete Blood Counts Hb, PCV, TRBC, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Platelet count, TLC, MPV, and automated 5-part diffrential ( Beckman Coulter LH 500 & HORIBA ABX PENTRA DF 120 analysers), Reticulocyte counts, Absolute eosinophil count (AEC), Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), peripheral blood film examination for morphology and parasites.

Test available in the Department :

  • ACT-2 Semi Automated Coagulometer from Compact Diagnostics.
  • Peripheral  smear  examination
  • CBC (Complete Blood Counts)
  • Antigen  testing  for  malarial  parasites
  • Microfilarial  detectio
  • G6PD Screening
  • Sickle  cell  demonstration
  • LE Cell demonstration
  • Microalbuminuria (MAU)
  • Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C)
  • D.Dimer
  • Procalcitonin (PCT)
  • B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP)
  • Bone Marrow Examination
  • Coagulation tests like PT & APTT
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Immunoflorescence for ANA detection


Urine analysis carried out on UroMeter 120 urine analyser.
Urine Routine and Microscopic Examination.

Special Tests : Urobilinogen, Porphobilinogen, Haemoglobin, Myoglobin, Bence jones protein.

Body Fluids : Ascitic fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), Gastric aspirate for neutrophils, Pericardial fluid, Pleural fluid, Synovial fluid, Semen analysis.

The laboratory is NABL accredited.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is a major concern of the department. It covers all aspects of laboratory functioning i.e. pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical; turn around time; maintenance of equipment; selection of tests & reagents; standardization & validation of tests before they are introduced; and training of personnel & Running of Quality Control and Participating EQAS programmed.


The microbiology laboratory aims at providing the reliable and quality based clinical laboratory services to patients constant upgradation of the laboratory to automation, reliable methods and strict quality assurance are the hall marks. Laboratory has experienced and skilled team to manage the quality and accuracy. The microbiology laboratory caters to the needs of the hospital as well as nearby small size laboratories.

Blood culture for aerobic bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria are done on automated system which detects the organisms from 3 hours onwards by continuous monitoring of the bottles. Identification and sensitivity of most of the organisms grown is done on automated system for accurate and reliable reports. Conventional culture for bacteria, fungi from clinical samples other than blood is done on appropriate media following international guidelines. Automated system for culture of Mycobacteria indicates positivity from seventh day onwards. Once culture positive, identification & sensitivity can be reported in approximately 7 days time. A variety of serological tests are performed in the department by conventional rapid card and line immunoassay methodologies. Laboratory’s main armory is its hold on quality and reliability. Special emphasis is being given on daily quality checks i.e internal quality control as well as External quality control standards. Laboratory participates in EQAS (External Quality Assurance Scheme)  run by IAMM (Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist) for constant checking and improvement in quality policies.

Department is actively involved in infection control activities, epidemiology and surceillance of hospital associated infection. Infection control guidelines for the hospital and antibiogram of various areas of the hospital are issued from time to time. Department is involved in teaching and training of MSc students, laboratory technicians and DMLT (Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology)  students of IMA affiliated DMLT course of JGH.
Department participates in teaching of DNB students and one Phd thesis has been completed  in the department.


The Biochemistry department is equipped with fully automated high precision state of the art equipments namely Dade Behring (Siemens) for biochemistry, Minividas (Biomerieux)for immunoassays Ilyte & Gem 3000 (Instrumentation Laboratory ) for electrolytes & blood gas respectively.
Department is managed by a fulltime Biochemist who is the quality manager as well. Apart from routine biochemistry parameters special hormones and cancer markers are also available on daily basis. We have introduced Vitamin D in the test menu which is also reported daily .
Well defined internal quality control system is established in order to ensure day to day report quality. Quality indicators are employed to assess the quality improvements. Timely scheduled calibration & PM of the equipment ensures smooth functioning ,reduction of breakdowns & thus achieve the established Turn Around Time(TAT) Department participates in the EQAS programme conducted by BIO-RAD for biochemistry & Immunoassay and stands excellent. Available tests in the department are as follows Routine tests KFT, LFT, Lipid profile, Diabetic profile, Hormone assays – fertility profile, thyroid profile, & Cancer markers etc.

This  section  of  lab  holds  a  special  place  in  this  hospitals.  Where  all  the  surgical  specimens  are  sent  in  the  labs  for  an  accurate  diagnosis  and  its  further  management . Various tests facilities available in sections are:-
Small endoscopic biopsies like colonoscopic, EBUS-TBNA (Endobronchial ultrasounded transbronchial needle aspiration) and EUS-FNA (Endoscopic ultrasound guided FNA) are processed on the same day after fixation and reports are available on the very next day.
Fully automated tissue processor as well microtome for histopathology to cope up with the increasing load of samples and reports are available within in three days. PAP’s smear examination for quick screening of cervical cancers in female patients. Body fluids including exfoliative cytology BAL fluids and brush cytologies whether  bronchial  or  from  G.I  tract  are  processed  and  report  is  available  on  the very  same  day. CT  guided  and  USG  guided    trans  thoracic  and  transabdominal   FNAC s  to  reach  difficult  distant  deep  seated  lesions  and  diagnosis  is  available  on  the  very  same  day .

Preoperative / Intraoperative   scrappe  cytology , touch  and  imprint  smears  for  an  immediate  diagnosis. Histopath Lab is equipped with Automatic tissue processor, fully automated embedding station & very fine microtome with a team of well trained staff.Cytology is also done on all types of material including, various types of fluid for malignant cells (Pleural, Peritoneal, Pericardial and CSF)using cytospin for quality reporting. FNAC is routinely done on OPD/IPD patient by the pathologist, CT/Ultra Sound guided FNAC is also done for intra abdominal/intra thoracic masses. PAP screening is also routinely done. All routine stains and immuno histo chemistry is done for typing of malignancy & confirmation of fungal/Protozal/Bacterial infection.

Other Activities
Besides testing and participating in various Quality Assurance Programmes. Lab provide training facilities to DNB students from Surgery, Gynae, Paediatrics & Medicine departments. Lab also conducts training cources for DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) students approved by IMA (Indian Medical Association)


 Is Fasting required for routine investigations?
Yes, fasting is required for most of the routine hematology and biochemical investigations unless otherwise specified by the doctor.

 When can I get the report?
90% of the reports can be given on the same day in the evening and, certain specialized investigations can be done in a day or two.

 Do you use disposable collection device?
Yes, for every patient, fresh blood collection device is used which is then disposed with due precautions.

 Do you offer home visit for blood collection?
Yes, with prior notice, we send technicians for home visits within the vicinity.

 Are reports available online?
Yes, OPD Lab reports can be accessed from internet log on to www.jghdelhi.net

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