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Psychiatry – Mental Diseases

“Together we can work to give a new meaning to your life”

Mental illness is just like any other disease and needs immediate medical attention & treatment. It is quite difficult to identify mental health problems that may come from biologic or environmental factors because of the lack of knowledge and acceptance in the society. As a result, the health of the patient deteriorates making emotional & physical functioning difficult for him.


The Department of Psychiatry at Jaipur Golden Hospital, headed by Senior Consultant with about 28 years of clinical experience, is dedicated to improve the health and well-being of the people suffering from Psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, mood swings, panic disorder, stress, alcohol & drug abuse, adjustment issues and some most challenging conditions.


The department features a multidisciplinary team that comprises of experienced psychiatrists, well-qualified clinical psychologists, and rehabilitation division to offer comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of behavior, emotional, addictive & mental disorders. We offer convenient inpatient and outpatient services of international standards by using the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Our healthcare team uses its clinical expertise & skills to understand the root cause of your problem and then accordingly customize your treatment plans based on individual requirements. Our treatment plans assure you a speedy recovery with consistent patient care.


When does a person need the services of a Psychiatrist?


Psychiatrist in addition to mental disorders also deals with life problems faced by everyone in their day-to-day life, like Relationship issues, Marriage Problems, Family feuds, Personality Problems, Infirmity Complex, and Sex Problem. One must make a visit to the Psychiatrist in below-mentioned situations:

  1. When the person himself/herself feels the MENTAL PAIN/ TENSION /DISCOMFORT/ DISTRESS which he/she is unable to handle/cope with own efforts in a reasonable time.
  2. When a person’s behavior becomes DANGER INTO HIM/HER AND OTHERS around.
  3. When someone is unable to get a good quality of SLEEP for a reasonable period according to age.
  4. When someone is FEARFUL DISTURBED without any clear cut reasons/cause.
  5. When someone is unable to control ANGER / IMPULSE and it touches a dangerous level for him/her and others.
  6. When other persons from the family / known people SEE MAJOR CHANGE in HABITS, BEHAVIOUR AND PERSONALITY of the person which cannot be explained by the surrounding atmosphere and find it difficult to HANDLE/COPE/ACCOMMODATE.
  7. When a person’s BEHAVIOUR BECOMES COMPROMISING in his self-care, responsibilities, occupation, and social life.
  8. When the person shows undue SUSPICIOUS behavior towards others persistently without sufficient ground or reason.
  9. When someone is ADDICTED TO ANY SUBSTANCE ALCOHOL, GANJA, BHANG, COCAINE and it becomes a daily need with envision towards responsibility at home, work and society.
  10. When someone has physical problems/ symptoms/pain /suffering but all investigation shows no disease and physician finds nothing abnormal on examination.
  11. When someone becomes unconscious and all investigation show no coerce it could be Psychological based.
  12. When someone starts feeling on the top of the world without such achievements / possession and wants other to believe him.
  13. When someone experiences that he/she is feeling some power/ghost/evil spirit inside as if possessed or overpowered by spirits.
  14. When children show unruly overactive behavior with lack of concentration and distractible.
  15. When children despite of good learning abilities are unable to perform as per expectations in school exam.
  16. When children show overt disobediences adamancy and antisocial behavior without remorse.
  17. When in old age, a person  loses recent memory / recall / loses the way to the house / lost in the house/ excessive sleepy or restless unable to do self care in spite of physical abilities.
  18. When the Sexual behavior of a person is not appropriate to the social standards or the person is unable to perform his Role as per his natural sex or unable to take up Role due to problems in Sexual identity.


  1. Adjustment disorder
  2. Marital conflict
  3. Childhood disorders
  4. Old age disorders
  5. Anxiety disorders
  6. Schizophrenia
  7. Mania
  8. Sexual Problem

Psychiatric Services available at Jaipur Golden Hospital :

OPD Treatment available:

  1. Counseling Services for family, marriage and relationship
  2. Medical Treatment by Medicines
  3. Behavior Therapy for obsession problems
  4. Stress Management with personality development clinic
  5. De-addiction Services
  6. Child guidance clinic
  7. Geriatric/old age guidance clinic for Alzheimer and Dementia problems
  8. Relaxation Therapy