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Transfusion Medicine

Blood Transfusion Services

Jaipur Golden Hospital is a center of excellence in this modern healthcare system that offers efficient, safe and reliable blood transfusion services. We have carefully designed this complex department to deliver valuable and timely services. Ours is a hospital based licensed blood bank that started in August 2000 as a Whole Blood Collection Centre. Later on, it added with the facility of Component Preparation and Apheresis Procedures in 2006.


We have also introduced Leucoreduction of blood and its components in 2011. We follow stringent quality protocols while providing transfusion services to both inpatients as well as outpatients. Advanced technology & ultra-modern equipments are used to make available
effective blood and blood components for routine & emergency transfusions round the clock. Good Manufacturing practices (GMP) are followed at all steps of donor’s selection & screening, phlebotomy, serological blood processing and preparation of blood component. We even conduct donor counselling programs where we encourage new donors to be voluntary non-remunerative repeat blood donors.


Our Services (Round the Clock)

  • Whole Blood
  • Packed Red Cells
  • Platelet concentrate
  • Leukocytes-reduced Packed Red cells
  • Leukocytes reduced Platelet concentrate,
  • Leukocytes reduced Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Plateletpheresis
  • Blood Grouping
  • Coomb’s Testing
  • Rh  Antibody Titers


Donor’s Blood Donation Criteria

For Whole Blood Donation, you can donate blood if you are:

  •       Aged between 18 to 65 years
  •       Weight about 50 kg or more.
  •       Hemoglobin level at least 12.5 g/dl.


For Plateletpheresis

  •     Aged between 18 to 50 years
  •     Weight about 60kg or more.
  •     Hemoglobin level at least 12.5 g/dl.
  •     Platelet Count >1.7lakh/cumm
  •     No aspirin / dispirin in last 72 hrs