Dr. Anand Singh Kushwaha

BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Anand Singh Kushwaha is a trained, dedicated, skilled and Dynamic Peadiatric Surgeon. He is has an experience of 14 years in Pediatric Surgery. Practicing surgery on newborns requires lot of concentration and dedication. He has performed more than 5000 surgeries successfully. His areas of Interest are Newborns and peadiatric Urology as well […]

Dr. Manisha Chakrabarty

BRIEF PROFILE Dr. Manisha Chakrabarty is a Paediatric Cardiologist and with a rich and professional experience in her field. Her areas of interest lies in device closures of holes and tracts in heart , balloon dilatation of narrowed heart valve coractation and also stent deployments in critically ill patients from very low birth weight newborns […]

Dr. Rakesh Bhargava

  BRIEF PROFILE DR. RAKESH KUMAR BHARGAVA has been Working as Paediatric Surgeon for more than 35 years, and HOD since 1990 at Jaipur Golden Hospital. He has been trained at Hospital for sick children, Gr.Ormand Street,Loudou, one of the best children Hospitals. He has expertise in managing children of all ages, specially New Borns […]